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About Break Your Bias

About the project

Minneapolis ad agency Preston Spire and the YMCA of the North’s Equity Innovation Center created Break Your Bias to get people of all walks of life to start conversations — and begin seeing past our own stereotypes. When we start a respectful conversation with someone different than us, we open the door to understanding, empathy and ultimately, a more civil society.

We’re not promising world peace. Or saying we have all the answers. We just hope you’ll see that people are not always who you think they are. That humans are different and similar in so many delightful and unexpected ways. Biases break in the face of surprising truths. But only if you begin.

Missi BTS

Break Your Bias participant during filming at Soona in Minneapolis.

Project Partners

Preston Spire is a business-building agency that makes brands positively matter by creating experiences so meaningful they are welcome in people’s lives. We do this by finding a brand’s authentic purpose and emotionally engaging consumers with work driven by the belief that Good Wins. We have seamless collaboration across our multiple in-house disciplines: account planning/research; advertising; brand strategy; media; design; direct; digital; public relations; and social marketing. Preston Spire has consistently been among the U.S. top agencies in the Effie Effectiveness Index. To learn more about Preston Spire, visit, or become a fan on Facebook and Instagram.

The YMCA of the North’s UnitedHealth Group Equity Innovation Center of Excellence (EIC) seeks to solve intractable problems around inequity, intolerance and exclusion in the Twin Cities region and beyond.  The EIC collaborates with thought leaders, change agents, organizations from all sectors, individuals, groups and communities to develop creative solutions to disrupt long-standing social inequities. With the Y’s legacy of positive change in communities, the EIC intentionally engages in thought-provoking experiences and resources that will expand knowledge and skills for all.  The EIC offers customized learning experiences including the Equity Leadership Institute, Transformational Workplace Culture series, free online classes and more. Click here to learn more about YMCA’s UnitedHealth Group Equity Innovation Center of Excellence.

Pixelsmith was selected to be the development partner for this project, because they believe the best websites come from a beautiful blend of the left and right halves of the brain. They thrive on collaboration and consistently bring new ideas to the table.

Soona is renowned for their high-quality custom content. With a commitment to gender equality by being purveyors of the Candor Clause, they were a natural fit for this project centered around equality on all levels.


Learn the basics of a good conversation, get to know our participants and connect with others.


Break it down


Keep learning with bias-breaking books, podcasts, films and more.


Bring it home


Think you know people? Test your perceptions of others in our bias-breaking challenge.


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