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Now that you’ve taken the experience and recognize that you — like all humans — have biases, you may wonder: what now? Well, it’s time to start unlearning them. Biases don’t break in a day, but if you have 10 minutes, 5 minutes or even 1 minute, you can begin to notice, understand and undo your own biases right here, right now.

How Much time do you have?

Consider this your anti-bias starter pack.

It all boils down to one thing:
How to have a good conversation.


Meeting somebody who’s different than you may feel challenging — but it’s actually an opportunity. First ask if they’re comfortable talking with you — if not, respect their decision — and then take the time to ask questions and enjoy learning about this new person and their unique experience.


This is the big one. The power and effectiveness of good listening can’t be overstated. You’re not here to change anyone’s mind. You’re here to give someone space to share their story.


Share back what you think you’ve learned. Paraphrasing what you’ve heard is a good way to learn and show that you were listening. Then share your story. Talk about your own experience, where you’ve come from, your feelings and your needs.

Our participants are real people.

And just like all people, they have biases, too. Watch as they detail how they’ve faced bias in their lives and continue to confront their own.


A modern world traveler who crushes trivia night and speaks Kyrgyz. She’s not afraid to challenge your expectations of who a Black woman should be.


A young Latina woman raised in Mexico, trying to make it as an artist while living in the minority for the first time as an adult.


A local business owner and the son of African immigrants who has cultivated his own hip-hop-inspired entrepreneurial spirit since grade school.


A refugee, entrepreneur and single mom of two teenagers navigating the intersection of Hmong and American cultures — with a quick wit and an arm full of tattoos.


A magnetic man, this native New Yorker excels at shooting pool, playing poker and side-stepping the many “compliments” he receives from Nice Minnesotans.


A 60-year-old gay man who can both deadlift 485 pounds and sing in his church choir.


Ready to get to work?

We started Break Your Bias to get this conversation started, but we are by no means the experts. That’s why we teamed up with
the real experts.

Below you’ll find some of the finest programs, sessions and people out there from organizations dedicated to helping others unlearn a lifetime of implicit and unconscious bias.

Let’s get started.



A Conversation on Social Justice
Through the Lens of Equity

Continue to break your bias by joining the local chapter of the YMCA’s Equity Innovation Center for a free, online discussion that will focus on the social injustices and inequities impacting our local, national and global communities

YMCA’s UnitedHealth Group Equity Innovation Center of Excellence


The YMCA is not just your local gym —  it’s also one of the key organizations leading anti-bias education in our communities. They believe that helping people recognize their biases will lead to healthier relationships, greater understanding and a more equitable society.

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Harvard Implicit Bias Test









This old standard created by Harvard University is still one of the finest resources we recommend to combat your biases. We suggest taking at least 10 of the 15 available implicit bias tests to really start breaking your bias.

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Green Card Voices


Minnesota — like America — is a land comprised beautifully of immigrants. Green Card Voices is here to tell their stories. This Minnesota-based non-profit is dedicated to bridging the gap between immigrants and their communities through storytelling.

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Jesse Ross


Join Jesse — a renowned Twin Cities-based coach, speaker and consultant — to have open, honest and important conversations on race, class and bias. You can sign up for one of his biweekly conversations here via his Instagram page.

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Keep learning with bias-breaking books, podcasts, films and more.


Bring it home


Discover more about the origins, partners and intentions behind Break Your Bias.


See who made this


Think you know people? Test your perceptions of others in our bias-breaking challenge.


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